Gingerbread Alien

The Mischief Continues - It's Almost Here!

Brian, David and Simon Bradberrie return in part 2 of their Alien Adventure. The wait for "Alien Shenanigans" is almost over! Unexplainable trouble with a classroom science experiment leads our three brothers on a secret mission that will inevitably find them in more disastrous circumstances.

More science experiments, more humour and a lot more out of this world fun.

There is trouble afoot in Mr Haggardy's classroom. Yes, this time we meet Brian's year 6 classroom teacher. (More about him later).  An unexplainable explosion in a science experiment wreaks havoc once again and Principal Penwright knows exactly who to blame! Can Brian and his brothers solve the mystery before the snooping Mrs Witherbottom discovers the unbelievable truth behind all the shenanigans?

The fearsome Principal Penwright returns and so too, does the boys nosy next door neighbour, Mrs Witherbottom.  What could possibly  happen to her this time?

Mischief and mayhem abounds whenever they are all involved. The school is a disaster zone but is it really the Bradberrie brothers fault this time?

Alien Shenanigans - The Bradberrie Brothers Alien Adventure. Book 2. Is coming very soon!

Alien Shenanigans_cover_FNL  (Click on link to reveal cover)

If you haven't read Book 1, "Gingerbread Aliens," now is your chance before "Alien Shenanigans" is released. I promise you'll laugh from beginning to end.


20 Easy Steps to Knit a Cute and Cuddley Gingerbread Alien

This cute idea follows the pattern based on knitting a Red Cross trauma teddy bear with a few simple little changes along the way. 20140508_154910 The Australian Red Cross is a wonderful organisation that organises the collection of teddies that are then distributed via the Ambulance service, the Fire Brigade and hospitals to children and others who may have suffered from trauma. These teddies provide a fantastic source of comfort when children are at their most sick and vulnerable. It is a very worthwhile cause.

My hope is that perhaps along with sharing the joy and laughter of my book, a little gingerbread alien teddy may also bring a little light into someone's life also. After all, laughter really is the best medicine. :)

Use 8ply wool (nothing scratchy or itchy like angora or mohair)

Needles: 3.75mm or 3.25mm for looser knitters.


Leg 1.

1. Cast on 12 stitches

2. Knit 42 rows

Leave stitches on needle.

Leg 2.

4. Repeat same as leg 1.


5. Join both legs by knitting across both legs.

6. Knit 32 rows.


7. Cast on 12 stitches at the beginning of next two rows.

8. Knit 18 rows.

9. Next cast off 12 stitches (this forms the arms - 24 stitches should remain).


10. Knit 2 rows.

11. Cast on one stitch every row next 20 rows.

12. Knit 12 more rows.

13. Cast off.

14. Repeat this procedure to make the other side of the gingerbread alien teddy.

To Finish.2014-05-08 15.52.14

15. Crochet a string of chains to sew onto the tummy for the aliens intestines.

16. Knit 2 eyes  (I made diamond shapes, beginning with 1 stitch, cast on one each row for 10 rows, then cast off back to one)

17. Knit 7 sultanas. (cast on one at a time for 6 rows, then cast off)

18. I have tried to sew on both before and after sewing up teddy, the choice is up to you. I find he stretches quite a bit depending on how much stuffing you choose to use, so the effect changes depending on when you decide to sew the face on before or after stuffing teddy.I found it easiest to sew on the intestines before stuffing, but sewing on the face was better after stuffing. I leave that decision up to you.

19. Sew on mouth and nostrils.

20. Sew up teddy and stuff before sewing across the top of the head.


Gingerbread Alien Sandwhich - a Healthy alternative.

We all love Gingerbread cookies and in this case Gingerbread Alien cookies. While these make great treats on special occasions, mums are usually looking for a healthier alternative for their childen's lunch or after school snack.

With this is mind here are 2 sandwhich suggestions that are both really yummy and fun. :)

1. Peanut Butter/ Gingerbread Alien

1. Spread a slice of bread with peanut butter.

2. Using a gingerbread man cookie cutter cut out shape. (note: I would have preferred to use my 12cm cutter however the bread I had today was too small, so had to use my smaller cutter)

2. Decorate with sultanas for the brains (just as Simon did in the Gingerbread Aliens book), slices of cucumber for the eyes instead of Simon's green lollies and grated carrot for the intestines as an alternative to the orange snake lolly that Simon used.

NOTE: Many kids these days have peanut allergies and therefore can't eat this first sandwhich. The second sandwhich below is a happy and safe alternative.

2. Grilled Cheese / Gingerbread Alien.

1. Butter a slice of bread and add a slice of cheese.

2. Grill in a sandwhich maker or under an open grill until lightly brown.

3. Remove from heat and cut with cookie cutter.

4. Decorate as above with peanut butter sandwhich

Some alternative toppings:- tomato, lettuce, alfalfa, bean sprouts, snow peas

Watch how fast they disappear into hungry tummies! :)