Consider a Different Gingerbread Man this Christmas

The Christmas season is almost upon us and with that comes plenty of opportunities for baking with the kids. Reading recipes can mean a lot of fun in the kitchen especially when the cooking ties in with a story as well. This Christmas instead of baking the usual gingerbread man why not consider a different kind of gingerbread man this Christmas? Think about the alternative fun baking Gingerbread Aliens instead while reading about the mischievous antics of three young boys as they cook a Gingerbread Alien and all the possibly antics that can go so unexpectedly wrong. This is just one suggestion in my post on "Batch of Books" for more information read the link below.

Gingerbread Alien Sandwhich - a Healthy alternative.

We all love Gingerbread cookies and in this case Gingerbread Alien cookies. While these make great treats on special occasions, mums are usually looking for a healthier alternative for their childen's lunch or after school snack.

With this is mind here are 2 sandwhich suggestions that are both really yummy and fun. :)

1. Peanut Butter/ Gingerbread Alien

1. Spread a slice of bread with peanut butter.

2. Using a gingerbread man cookie cutter cut out shape. (note: I would have preferred to use my 12cm cutter however the bread I had today was too small, so had to use my smaller cutter)

2. Decorate with sultanas for the brains (just as Simon did in the Gingerbread Aliens book), slices of cucumber for the eyes instead of Simon's green lollies and grated carrot for the intestines as an alternative to the orange snake lolly that Simon used.

NOTE: Many kids these days have peanut allergies and therefore can't eat this first sandwhich. The second sandwhich below is a happy and safe alternative.

2. Grilled Cheese / Gingerbread Alien.

1. Butter a slice of bread and add a slice of cheese.

2. Grill in a sandwhich maker or under an open grill until lightly brown.

3. Remove from heat and cut with cookie cutter.

4. Decorate as above with peanut butter sandwhich

Some alternative toppings:- tomato, lettuce, alfalfa, bean sprouts, snow peas

Watch how fast they disappear into hungry tummies! :)