Super Sweet Blogging Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award I have been truly honoured once again by recieving a second blogging award. This time by the very wonderful and amazingly kind hearted "Spreading Rays of Hope...a hat a time" who knit the most superb hats for seriously sick kids. Check out their talent and support for children in hospitals at

So the rules for this sweet award are:

1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.

2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.

3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.

4. Nominate a bakers's dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.

6. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.

The 5 Super Sweet Questions.

1. Cookies or Cake?

It would have to be cookies....especially gingerbread alien cookies made, photographed and emailed to me by the kids that have fun reading my book. 1132. Chocolate or Vanilla?


I am definately a bit of a chocoholic :)

3.Favourite Sweet Treat?

Chocolate Mousse, but I also love a great Pavlova with lots of fresh fruit and grated chocolate on top

4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?

In the evenings while snuggled in front of the fire watching a great movie with my family.

5. Sweet Nick Name?

Can't say anything in particular comes to mind.

Congratulations to my nominees for inspiring me with their sweet words of wisdom, thoughts, kindness and often helpfulness. Reading your blogs encourages me to continue on my path towards helping parents build a better literate future for their children.

Like my kind Knitting Rays of Hope freinds I too am not nominating the full quota of recipients, mainly as I have only recently passed an award on and would prefer to nominate different worthy bloggers to the last time.