I Am A Self-Confessed Bookaholic

Ok, I admit it! I am addicted to books even more so than chocolate!

When it comes to reading there is nothing like the smell and touch of a real book. The aroma of the freshly pressed ink, the feel of the paper as your fingers glide across to turn the page.

A line of paperbacks resting neatly in a row along the bookshelf beckoning you over to scan their contents.

As for a bookshop, I haven't a hope in passing by one without venturing inside inevitably to depart arms loaded with more reading material than I have a hope of finding the time to wade through.

I can't stand to borrow a book from someone else, if I'm going to read it, I have to own it myself. To be placed on my shelf for all time. (Maybe one day I just might get around to re-reading it).

A lot of my children's books that I have bought over the years have been used over and over again. They are an invaluable resource to be used in the classroom, and I treasure them.

Diary of a wombat

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French is  my all time favouite children's story. The wombat is such a lovable character that manages to get into so much trouble using so little dialogue and simple yet gorgeous illustrations. I have used this book in lessons with Kindergarten through to year 6 and it never ceases to surprise and delight the students in my classes.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak are two more children's books I can't go past when it comes to children's literature and their educaWhere the Wild Things Aretion.

I love books of all shapes and sizes, especially big colourful books for little kids.

Books that make them laugh and have fun.

The GruffaloBooks that entertain during the learning process.

When I was still teaching my favourite part of the day was always the literacy block.  I am passionate about helping litle ones learn to read and it always gave me so much joy to watch their reading skills grow in cofidence until they became independent readers. When I had the opportunity to teach ESL and Literacy Assistance I was happier than ever as I was teaching reading all day! I admit the hardest time in my classes came when we use to have "DEAR" time (Drop Everything And Read).When the time was up and we had to move onto the next lesson I found that even I (the teacher) had trouble putting down my book. So I understood when there was always at least one person somewhere up the back of the classroom so engrossed in their novel they found it very difficult to re-join the rest of us.

One year I had a year 4 class I decided to read Roald Dahl's The Witches to. Before I began to read each day I signalled the time by donning my own witches hat. Instantly the class knew it was time for the book. They packed away and sat quietly ever eager to hear and laugh along with Mr Dahl's marvelous story telling.

Another year whThe WitchesHow to train your dragonile I had Kindergarten I used a dragon puppet and read How to Train Your Dragon  by Cressida Cowell. Each lunchtime while they ate, the dragon and I read the story to an enraptured silently chewing audience.

I can think of nothing better than to engage children in the love of books when they are young and beginning to learn. That is what has prompted me to write my own series of books for early and reluctant readers. I want to continue to share the joy that books have brought into my world with the next generation of readers so that they are able to grow and fulfill their own dreams and passions in life.