Delightful Bedtime Story for Preschoolers

This week I was asked by fellow author Charity Tober if I would review her children's picture book "Roly Poly Monster."

This review is from: Roly-Poly Monster (Kindle Edition) Roly Poly Monster

Roly Poly Monster is a wonderfully cute character that many preschoolers would relate to. He is a typical mischievous monster similar to any 3 or 4 year old child that is in a rush to get outside to play and explore. Each monster in the family is individually unique and they reflect their parenting role in a loving and nurturing manner. The illustrations are vivid and encourage a child's imagination as they draw the child into the story. There is plenty of opportunity for discussion and learning of vocabulary as the little monster rolls about his day, from playground to beach, through the city and even jumping in puddles! This would make the book an excellent tool for preschool reading time as there are so many wonderful items to point out on every page. Things like the seahorse and the crab, or even the monster train in the city which is rather adorable. The ending makes it perfect for a bedtime story, I can image a parent reading this to a tired toddler after their busy day and using it to settle them down to sleep.

My only difficulty with this book was the white writing that blended into the pictures on a couple of the pages. However, I am sure this would soon be overcome as the story became more familiar with repeated reading and I'm certain it is one that toddlers would request to be read to them again and again.