Curious Creatures, Quirky Caricatures.

This review is from: Larry Potty's Animal Rhymes (Kindle Edition) 513yOjku0ML._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_Larry Potty's Animal Rhymes is a cleverly written children's picture book of delightful poems and humorous illustrations that go hand in hand beautifully. This is only a brief book with six short poems in total. However, for its target audience of 3-6 year old children I feel it is ample in length.Just long enough to hold the youngest one in the family's attention and enough length for the eldest ones beginning reading ability to try to read for themselves. It is also perfect for classroom read aloud activities and discussions. Each poem being a lesson in itself.There is an Armadillo from South America, an Asian Tiger, an African Meerkat and even a Short-Nosed Echidna from Australia, some strange creatures indeed! Each poem provides opportunities for lessons including, uniqueness, recycling and even personal hygiene, (who smells worse, a skunk or you?). Some of the vocabulary may appear to be a bit beyond your average five year old, as Larry finds words to rhyme. You could argue that this makes some of the rhyming somewhat strained, but I don't have a real problem with it as it provides opportunities for children to learn. The more we read together and extend our children's vocabulary , the greater readers they become. The illustrations are as humorous as the poems. Bright, colourful, sure to delight any child. I invite you to come along on a fun filled adventure through the pages of this wonderful rhyming picture book and laugh along with Larry Potty and his friends, Mr Frog and Scotty Dog. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I received a free pdf copy in exchange for an honest review.