5 Reasons to Support Independent Bookshops

In honour of Book Lovers' Day on 9 August, my writerly pals and I are sharing all the ways we adore reading with the #BookLuvHop.. We all love books in one shape or another, but do you still buy print books or do you prefer your stories to come from you direct via an ebook? The day after Book Lovers’ Day is Love Your Bookshop Day and I plan to convince you why your local bookshop should be loved.

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Listed below, and in no particular order, are 5 reasons why we should support and love our local Independent Bookshops.

1. Among their friendly interior you will find more than the average popular books

You will find original, quirky, fun, mysterious and intriguing books that are different, often new and sometimes old or even secondhand. Books that have a wonderful smell of their own as you turn the pages. Books for learning, exploring or escaping to new worlds and adventures. The new Harry Hartog at the Australian National University, is two floors of bookish fun to explore. It not only supplies text books to university students, but has devoted the entire second floor to second hand books. There is even space for book launches and writing workshops.

The new Harry Hartog on the Australian National University Campus

The new Harry Hartog on the Australian National University Campus


2. Local Bookshops support local authors

When the big guys won’t carry your small press publication, it’s the little Independent local guys that are willing to take a chance on you. This Love Your Bookshop Day, Saturday 10th August 2019, Harry Hartog Woden is supporting local authors. Their theme for the day is Love Your Local Author and they are holding a day of celebrations where local authors will have an opportunity to sign copies of their books throughout the day. I will be there signing copies of Secrets Hidden Below from 11:00 am. What better way to meet a bunch of local authors in one place than a rotating line-up of book signings.

My Book signing at Harry Hartog Woden last year.

My Book signing at Harry Hartog Woden last year.

Sandra-Bennett-Book-Signing-FB (1).jpg

3. Book Launches

Local bookshops are always willing to help promote an author’s latest release by hosting a book launch. Paperchain Book store in Manuka has always been happy to promote my next book. I have held a book launch there for all five of my books so far and they will be hosting my next book launch on 17th August 2019 at 2:00 pm for my new adventure A Lighthouse in Time - The Adamson Adventures, Book 2. I invite you to come and join in the fun and find out about the secrets that lurk among the shadows of the lighthouse.

Book Launch at Paperchain Manuka

Book Launch at Paperchain Manuka


4. Make a great meeting place

If you are meeting one person or a group of friends, a bookshop is a great place to arrange to meet. You can pull up a chair in a cosy corner and read while you are waiting, no one will mind at all. You never know who you might bump into. With all the fun events taking place, there is always someone to meet and greet.

Catching up with fellow local authors at Harry Hartog Woden.

Catching up with fellow local authors at Harry Hartog Woden.

5. Atmosphere

Independent book stores have a unique atmosphere. Often cosy, warm and friendly, like Harry Hartog at Woden and ANU or Paperchain. They welcome you in their doors with their inviting nature of old world charm. While others are bright and vibrantly coloured like the National Library of Australia Bookshop with its stained glass windows that draw you in, demanding to be inspected. Different styles, but both just as enticing. Once inside, you can’t help but browse the shelves. I dare you to try to walk out empty handed.

The Bookshop at the National Library of Australia.

The Bookshop at the National Library of Australia.

Can you walk passed your local bookshop without entering?

Show them some love this Saturday 10th August, support your local bookshop and your local authors.

What book will you choose to buy?

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