Secrets Hidden Below


Secrets Hidden Below


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Secrets Hidden Below

The Adamson Adventures

Book 1

Join the Adamson family on a holiday of a lifetime as sun, sand and surf become a rollicking search around an exotic tropical island in search of adventure and pirate treasure.

Have you been to Bali?

Thinking about taking the kids on a holiday to Bali?

Are the kids learning Indonesian at school?

Let Zac, Clare and Luke draw your kids along on a learning journey they will never forget, to a place they might never have experienced before.  A message in a bottle buried in the sand on Kuta beach leads the family and readers on a trail of secret clues in search of guardian snakes, mysterious temples and volcano spirits. Kids can’t resist a pirate treasure and readers will laugh at the antics as the trio uncover much more than they anticipate.

Readers will be so involved in the story they won’t realise they are learning along the way. Bali is a world of ancient mystic religion that is entwined in the story. Readers will gain knowledge of Animism. Balinese culture, language, geography and history. The story will spark curiosity and perhaps even encourage a desire to explore the unknown. Readers will be able to imagine what it is like to explore a foreign country and meet new people with a different language and culture.


  • Adventure

  • Problem Solving

  • Imagination

  • Cooperation

  • Indonesian Language

  • History

  • Geography

Perfect for

  • Students aged 7-12


Amanda - Mrs B’s Book reviews

The initial hook, a map found in a bottle indicating the presence of long buried treasure will be sure to hold the attention of young readers. An opportunity to crack a mystery, explore and learn about the Balinese culture, its land, people, as well a little of the language is a really great idea. As an adult reader I found Secrets Hidden Below: The Adamson Adventures to be personally interesting. I was genuinely interested in the quest to find the treasure and cheered for the Adamson children along the way.

From a teaching point of view, Secrets Hidden Below: The Adamson Adventures would be an excellent vehicle to discuss the key features of one of our neighbouring countries. This book contains plenty of information on Indonesian culture, locations, climate, customs and more. Along with a detailed map of Bali, there is a glossary of common Indonesian to English vocabulary terms. Included are common greetings, days of the week and numbers. I would recommend this book to LOTE Indonesian teachers here in Australia, who may find this book a useful tool in educating students about Indonesia

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Ashleigh Meikle

Following the map and the clues, Zac, Luke and Clare head off on an adventure – Mum and Dad are there, but are clueless as to what the children are really up  to – and begin to seek out the legend, and treasure and the volcano spirit they must appease before they can find what they seek, and also contend with someone else who wants to the treasure as well – but for what purpose? And what will the children find? It is this mysterious treasure hunt, filled with colourful characters, who also want the treasure, that make this book the exciting story it is, and that will engage younger readers as they read. Read the full review on The Book Muse.

Kristen Lamb

Duduk, and enjoy this tale of adventure as three children embark on a dangerous mission to discover a treasure in Bali. While on vacation, Zac, Luke, and Clare unearth a treasure map hidden in a bottle buried at the beach. Afterward, they are led from one place to another as they explore legends and mysteries of an ancient time. However, they are not the only ones seeking the ‘pirates booty’ that haunts Luke’s daydreams. Will they be able to uncover the mystery behind the clues or will the stranger that also seeks the treasure lead them to their doom?

There were several things I enjoyed about this book. Not only will children be entertained by the storyline, but they will learn about Bali legends along with some common phrases and words. Want to call your sibling a ‘coconut head’ without getting in trouble? Just call them a kapala-kalapa, a phrase that is sure to amuse young readers and bring a smile to their faces.

This fictional, chapter book is an easy read that will take many children through an unfamiliar culture and expand their knowledge through a fun, educational journey. Oh, and are you curious as to what Duduk means? Read the book to find out!

Julie Gorges

From the hawkers selling their wares on a hot beach to makeshift shops full of sarongs and batiks, this book takes young readers to an exotic location in Bali. The author, Sandra Bennett, obviously has an intimate knowledge of the area and does a marvelous job introducing young readers to this strange, colorful, and alluring place. The main characters are swept into a dangerous and exciting adventure encountering a mysterious map hidden in a bottle, a clue on a piece of driftwood, a temple with a guardian snake, a secret tunnel, a skeleton holding a pirate's sword, and even a volcano. Their quest for answers is sure to enthrall, fascinate, and hook readers from the very beginning.

Rosie Russell

5 Star Review for "Secrets Hidden Below," by author Sandra Bennett! This chapter book will leave readers turning the pages for more.

As the Adamson family sets out for a vacation in Bali, it all starts out a bit boring for Luke, Clare, and Zac. Their dad wants to do nothing but surf, and mom, wants to shop for souvenirs. The three siblings spend their hot time on the beach building sandcastles. They wait and wait for their parents to meet back up with them for things promised, such as, snorkeling and surfing. After digging and digging, suddenly, Luke and Zac stop as they hit something hard with their shovels. The adventure they hoped for turns into a series of suspenseful events. What do they find?

This tale is full of wonder descriptions of the Balinese culture and so much more. I recommend this story for all readers that love going on fun adventures and finding exciting, extraordinary treasures.