A Lighthouse In Time

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A Lighthouse In Time


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A Lighthouse In Time

The Adamson Adventures

Book 2

Join the Adamson family on a their second holiday in the sun, sand and surf. Become intrigued as mystery unfolds on the South Coast of NSW as the kids seek the answers to a ghostly figure and and old ruined lighthouse.

Have you ever camped on a beach?

Do you like to tell ghost stories around a raging campfire?

Are the kids learning Australian history at school?

Let Zac, Clare and Luke draw your kids along on a haunting journey they will never forget, to a place that may or may not be familiar to their own beach camping holidays.  As a lost soul comes to the rescue in the tunnels at Caves beach then mysteriously disappears just as quickly as she had appeared, the trio are left with many questions. This leads the family and readers on a trail of secret clues in search of a ship’s manifest, a Lighthouse keeper’s diary and his secret study before they can unravel the hidden truth of the lighthouse keeper and his daughter. The Adamson kids can’t resist a ghost hunt and readers won’t be able o resist the intrigue and excitement as the trio uncover much more than they could ever anticipate.

The story will spark curiosity about the old lighthouse ruins at Cape St George in Jervis Bay and perhaps even encourage a desire to explore the area.


  • Adventure

  • Problem Solving

  • Imagination

  • Cooperation

  • Australian Slang

  • History

  • Geography

Perfect for

  • Students aged 7-12

Book launch Paperchain Manuka, ACT, 17 August 2019


Cat Michaels - Writer
The author shines as she adds layers to the ghostly mystery the kids must solve to lift an ancient curse before their vacation ends. No spoilers, but action accelerates and frightening apparitions appear to heighten suspense, but they won't give young readers nightmares.

Read the full review and interview here - https://www.catmichaelswriter.com/cats-corner-blogging-about-books-writing-and-more/ghosts-mayhem-beckon-mg-readers-down-under-to-solve-100-yo-mystery-lift-a-curse-in-a-lighthouse-in-time?fbc

Ashleigh - The Book Muse

What I really loved about this book is that it is a really good continuation from the first book, and mentions what happened, but doesn’t dwell on it and gets on with the story. It is fast-paced and keeps the reader’s attention beautifully. I loved seeing how Clare and her brothers have been evolving since the first book and learning new things about them with each story. Read full review here - https://ashleighmeikle.com.au/2019/09/12/a-lighthouse-in-time-the-adamson-adventures-2-by-sandra-bennett/?replytocom=17727#respond

Miss S, Aged 11.

I am really enjoying it. It is one of the most unforgettable and spellbinding books I have ever read.

Master E, Aged 10.

He loved it. It was scarier than all the Harry Potter books he's read (first 5) and wants to know the exact day the next one's out because he's really enjoyed the first two and is certain he'll love the next even more because of the Dino content.

Rebecca Lyndsey
I was asked by a wonderful friend to read, "A Lighthouse in Time" by Australian children's book author, Sandra Bennett. This was an exciting mystery chapter book for children. Reminds me of the The Magic Treehouse series, which was and still is a favorite of mine. In this book, you find three siblings on vacation who get sucked into an old mystery that began over one hundred years ago. Can they solve it, possibly change the history books and help two spirit's find peace before time runs out?

Great addition to her series. Definitely worth checking out for your young mystery readers

Rosie Russell

A captivating story full of suspense as Clare, Luke, and Zac search the story behind a girl they saw, Kathleen O’Grady, at Caves Beach. Was she real or a ghost?

Australian author, Sandra Bennett’s book, “A Lighthouse in Time” is the second series to “Secrets Hidden Below: The Adamson Adventures.”

There’s a mystery the three must solve quickly before their holiday is over. Readers will find this page turner full of excitement as they explore the ruins of an old lighthouse and the history of what happened 130 years ago.

 At the end of the story, further learning and information is added that will help readers clarify the vocabulary words in this exciting tale.

(I received a copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review.)