Gingerbread Aliens


Gingerbread Aliens

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Gingerbread Aliens

The Bradberrie Brothers Alien Adventure

Book 1

We all know what a Gingerbread Man looks like, but if you were to make a Gingerbread Alien what would it look like?

Simon Bradberrie shapes the head to be more elongated and triangular. Adds sultanas for brains, green jelly eyes and an orange lolly snake all wound up in the middle for intestines!

He and his brothers, David and Brian are cooking for the school fete. David is cooking loaves of bread and Brian is making green slime!

But what if the mixtures get all muddled up?

What could possibly go wrong?

Gingerbread Aliens is the hilarious tale of a series of disastrous domino events that tumble further and further out of control rather than the three brothers facing the consequenses of their initial mistake. The nosy next door neighbour Mrs Witherbottom, spins a whopper of a tale, the school Principal  Mr Penwright, is forced to close the school and the Scientific Research Team for Metorites and Asteroids are called in to investigate. Is it a rock? Is it a football? Is it the charred remains of a spaceship and its strange looking alien inhabitant? All will be revealed with comedy and a whole lot of fun.


  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Self Esteem
  • Cooperation
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Development
  • Imagination
  • Early Reading
  • Science

Perfect for

  • 6 years + as an early first reader
  • 4 years + reading at home with parents
  • Reluctant readers
  • Literacy Assistance/Reading Recovery
  • ESL students

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Questacon The Nation Science and Technology Centre, Parkes ACT


Paperchain Book Store, Manuka ACT

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