THe Adamson Adventures

An adventure series of three siblings exploring mysteries and culture in exotic and unusual places. Suitable for ages 7-12.

The Bradberrie Brothers

An adventure series following three mischievous young boys and a cheeky alien. Suitable for ages 6-10.

Australian Animals

Picture books featuring iconic Australian animals. Suitable for ages 3-6.


The Adamson Adventures

An adventure series to draw children into other worlds they might not otherwise have the chance to explore. Enabling them to experience other places, people and cultures. Children will be so engaged in these stories they won't realise they are learning as they read along with each journey.


Secrets Hidden Below

Shortlisted Speech Pathology of Australia Book of the Year Awards 2019 8-10 Years Category

Long listed Sisters in Crime 2019 Children’s Category Davitt Awards

Readers will be enthralled by a message in a bottle, a secret treasure hunt, a guardian snake, rotten-egg gas and a volcano spirit as they travel around an exotic tropical island and discover hidden secrets buried deep below the surface. 

A Lighthouse in Time Cover 300dpi for Sandra.jpg

A Lighthouse In Time

Follow the clues to discover a lost soul and a haunted lighthouse. Learn about the shipwrecks that crashed off the south coast of New South Wales and their eerie past.


The Bradberrie Brothers

This adventure series will spark curiosity in science, technology, engineering and maths. Readers will embark on a laugh out loud journey of hilarious mishaps and misadventures as the brothers discover a chaotic life with an alien in their midst. Readers will develop an appreciation for learning through irresistible hands-on kitchen and classroom science experiments.


Gingerbread Aliens

Mix up a bit of kitchen science along with a whole lot of laughs and mischief as you discover the mayhem the Bradberrie brothers and their nosy neighbour find themselves caught up in. Readers will feel the sense of adventure along with the characters as they will need to know what is about to happen next.


Alien Shenanigans

Science, mischief and mayhem continue in the classroom as the Bradberrie Brothers must learn to work together to problem solve and reach a common goal.

Front cover Alien Milshakes-1.jpg

Alien Milkshakes

The Bradberrie Brothers are keeping a rather big secret. That's not easy when you have a meddling neighbour, overseas visitors and an annoying new friend that wants to learn everything. The mayhem and laughs continue as the reader faces the moral dilemma with our brothers. When is it good to keep a secret and when should you tell?


Australian Animals

Everyone is curious about native Australian wildlife. These books help readers learn about some of our unique animals in their natural habitat while discovering how to cope with their own feelings and emotions..


Emma The Eager Emu

Emma is a unique bird. Her story is one of flight and fancy. Readers will learn the importance of patience, persistence and to never give up, so that they too can grow to make their dreams come true. It is also a story of diversity and acceptance.


Frazzled Freya

Freya is a timid frill-neck lizard who desperately wishes she could play with her desert friends. Children learn to face their fears along with Freya as she discovers her inner strength.


Penelope The Playful Platypus

Imagination is a wonderful learning tool. Penelope discovers many creative ways to play but sometimes her imagination is not always her friend.